Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's a Bloomin' Miracle!!!

I didn't think my lilies were going to bloom at all this summer.  I got them last fall and thought that because they hadn't shown any signs of life while every other lily in the country was blooming away, they wouldn't bloom this year.  

Lo and behold last week I saw buds beginning to form!  Natalie and I were so excited!  But it didn't begin to compare with the excitement we had this morning when we saw this...

We will soon have more blooms and hopefully we'll even have some Glads in the near future.  After all I've been through with those silly things!  (Do you see all the Glad shoots in the background?)


  1. Kathleen Martin8:08 PM

    Baby, beautiful flowers!!!! Patience pays off when it comes to plants. Every year I think I've lost all my hostas, but amazingly they all come up eventially.
    So Pretty! Thanks for sharing them!
    Love Mom

  2. Oh that's wonderful! All that hard work isn't wasted after all!

  3. The flowers are so pretty! Good job!

  4. The flowers are beautiful. They always make a house look "homey." I'm excited for you that they are blooming. I've been trying to grow a really small garden in our yard for three years and finally this year we have some carrots that are still holding on...only one more month and they'll be ready to pick-if our dog doesn't eat them first. Ah, the joy of working with nature.

  5. Gorgeous!!! I love the yellow color. Be sure to keep us posted on the other flower's progress with stories and pictures. I'll have to post a picture of the flowers in my planters. They are growing like crazy!

  6. beautiful flowers! :)


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