Sunday, July 22, 2007


I get so tired of plunging our toilets.  

And it's not my fault that I'm plunging.  My Music Man and Girl-Child don't eat enough green stuff, which causes the stuff they're done with to clog our toilets.  Inevitably I'm the one who discovers their carefully hidden secret and has to plunge it to the sewer.  

I, on the other hand, eat more than my fair share of green stuff.  (I love me a good salad.)  So, when I'm done with my stuff, it slides right on down to where it belongs leaving no lingering effects on our toilets.

The Music Man has often tried to convince me that our toilets are to blame.  He claims that they are too small and can't handle the stuff.  It's times like these that I like to point out to him that my daily contributions are handled in an effective and speedy manner by these pint-sized toilets, while his and Natalie's contributions every couple of days are the ones that push the toilets over their thresholds.

Like just now... I needed to use our powder room for #1 and I ended up having to plunge, not once, but twice.  I don't know who the culprit was this time, but I have my guesses and his name begins with a "P" and ends with an "ouid."

A little beet juice should clear that right up for you!


  1. Geez! What do your people eat that they can both have that same talent? I would be TOTALLY annoyed by all that plunging. You should sneak some good cleansing foods into their diets without them knowing it!

  2. We had a toilet issue not too long ago as well! I should have blogged about it as it was a fairly big event in our quiet little house. Our issue was not really the "stuff" but more the flushing mechanism itself. When we would flush, no matter what it was in the toilet, it just wouldn't suck anything down. My father-in-law told us about a guy he had come fix a plumbing issue they had and we have used him once before for our shower drain that was runny unnecessarily slow that he fixed perfectly. So I called up "Rick the drain guy" (he has a business name but I have no idea what it is as he will always be "Rick the drain guy" to me). Turns out we had a build-up of Lyme in our pipes. Weird, huh?!? With an older home apparently that can happen. So down the toilet went some de-lymer and like magic we were flushing like new. I was so thrilled. Thankfully we do have another bathroom in the basement but going downstairs to go potty 50 times a day (a bit of an exaggeration) was getting pretty old! :)


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