Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Check it out...

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Both are on my list of daily blog reads and always enjoyable!


  1. OH. MY. WORD.
    Did you see the Pioneer Woman's pictures of her kitchen?!?!?! I've NEVER seen a kitchen that large in my life! I just have two questions for you... Is she dripping with diamonds as well??? and What profession is her husband in, so I can tell mine what he SHOULD have gone into!

  2. He's a rancher. They live on her husband's family's ranch and they do quite well. I am totally addicted to her blog... It is sometimes the highlight of my day. Take an hour or two or five to read and read and read. She's hilarious!

  3. Okay, I totally spent WAY too much time yesterday reading her blogs. Both of them are great, I can see why you are addicted to them. Where on earth do they live? Or does she keep that on the DL?

  4. I've heard her make references to "Okie" so I think they live in Oklahoma (every time I ever write out that word, my mind goes into a full blown chorus of "Ohhhhhh-klahoma is the place to be...), but she also talks about their "farm" where they raise winter wheat that is 250 miles south of the ranch. Is there 250 miles from north to south of OK? I'm not so good at my OK geography. Hey, I'm from Wis-CON-sin. Give me a break! I sometimes wonder if they're in TX. Who knows... she tends to keep identifying info on the DL like her kids' names, locations, etc.


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