Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UPDATED: We Bought an Island

Ok so it's not in the Bahamas...it's just in our kitchen, but my sister (she's here for a visit) and I were contemplating buying our own island in the Bahamas. We found one for only $358,000. I don't think that's bad for an island in the Bahamas. Hmmm...maybe someday soon.

But anyway, we really did buy an island for our kitchen. A friend of ours saw it Sunday afternoon on Craig's List and called Scott right away. He emailed the lady and asked her some questions and set up to look at it last night. So on our way home from the beach (AGAIN!!! I know...it's a rough life!), we met Scott and went to look at it. Well, let's just say we couldn't pass it up. It's beautiful and big, which is more than I can say for most of the islands I've looked at. It has a granite top, knife block, towel rod, roll out drawer in the cabinet side and two open shelves on the other side. Here are some pictures of our new island...

So as I said, we couldn't pass it up. The price was too right. Yeah, it was only $50. Yes, you read correctly...I said 50 Bucks, 5-0 dollars, 50 smackeroos, etc. Can you even believe that? I'm still a bit in shock over the whole thing. I've priced similar islands with the granite top and they start around $400-$500 and go way up from there. That's why we couldn't pass it up. God literally droppped it into our laps. He is so good and so faithful. Thank you Jesus!!!

UPDATE: For those of you who have never heard of Craig' List, it's like an international classifieds for anything and everything. You can look for things locally or post want ads. You can look for jobs, sell a car, basically anything. I just found out about it on Friday, but you can guaruntee that it is now in my bookmarks! The web address is craigslist.com. Check it out. If you find any amazing deals of your own, be sure to let me know about them.


  1. The island is SO nice! I love the granite top!!!! What a blessing! And it looks so nice in your kitchen. The only thing I'm left wondering is: what is Craig's List?????

  2. What a beautiful island! What a great deal! It sure looks nice!

  3. yay something else for me to run into in your house!

  4. Ohhhh, so that's what Craig's List is! Thanks!!!!

  5. I love the island!!! What an awesome deal.! And it matches everything else in your kitchen perfectly. Obviously it was meant to grace your kitchen!!! :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL! And wonderfully priced! Isn't God Awesome! I'm happy for you!


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