Monday, August 07, 2006


Ok, so I've been thinking about sending Natalie to some some sort of preschool for one day or a couple mornings a week this fall. I'm getting to the point where I need a break and I think she does too. I haven't even mentioned it to Scott yet, becasue I know he'll say we can't afford it or he'll want me to get a job. But I'm curious about it. It would also give me a chance to get into the office with Scott and help him with things. So for those of you who have any advice, I'd love to hear it--pros, cons and everything in between.


  1. Makayla went to a program called Head Start. It is based on income. We didn't have to pay anything, which was a blessing. I don't know if its nationwide, but I am sure that your state would have something like that. How old is Natalie now? I know that Makayla really enjoyed preschool, and she learned a lot. It was a nice break for me as well. Let me know what you work out!

  2. I ADORE sending my boys to preschool!!!! I love the break SO much that I signed them up to attend this summer, too!!! Of course, our preschool is at our church so we are so blessed that we don't have to pay since we are pastors there. My boys have learned SO much, they LOVE going and it has been very good for them. It is such a nice break for me, too! I started feeling a little guilty this summer (since I was sending them for summer preschool) but then I realized the other day, that I shouldn't feel guilty about it, I don't have any family here and because of that I have NO help with the kids, so I decided not to feel guilty about having some help since I never get it. Natalie would love going to one for sure! It would be good for both of you. I started sending both boys because they were starting to get bored at home and because they needed alot more routine to their day. Preschool cures both of that! If you guys can, definately do it!!!!!


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