Saturday, August 05, 2006

Scott's Man Shed and My "New" Fridge

Scott's parents came for a visit a couple weeks ago. The day after they got here, I found out that Pat died and left immediately to go back to Wisconsin for the funeral. While I was gone, Scott's dad decided that we needed a shed--Bless his generous heart!!! So he bought us a really great shed. I told Scook that I wasn't going to touch it--that it would be HIS territory and he could do anything he wanted with it. That's how we started calling it his "man shed." Well it wasn't long until he asked me to help him organize his man shed, so I guess I've made my influence there after all. But he loves his shed, and I do too. It's a wonderful addition to our little house. Thank you Terry Ball!!!

The same day I helped Scott with his shed, he helped me empty all my craft stuff from the boxes and organize it. Now I have it all out and sort of put together. I wanted our two old kitchen tables downstairs so that I would finally have some room to spread out. Our little table is home to my sewing maching and the other one has a leaf in it and will eventually be cleared off to make room for my projects. I still have alot of organizing, but at least it's not all stuffed in boxes anymore! It still looks like quite a mess in this picture.

Today was fun, because we swtched the hinges and handles on the fridge. It used t o open the inconvenient way--away from the kitchen. It was such a nuisance. I have been dying to get it switched around. Also, the lower cabinet door between the fridge and the stove was backwards. So while I was jabbering on the phone this afternoon, Scott switched that one too. There is only one misplaced cabinet left up in the bathroom, but I'm not as bothered by that one because I don't use it daily like I do the other one and the fridge. One more thing off the To-Do list.

The way it was...

The way it is now...
Call me crazy but it feels like I have a brand new fridge. I was so happy to have that done. What a good feeling to know that it's our fridge and we can do whatever we want to it. (Hopefully, soon we'll be demoting it to the basement so that my dream fridge can come home!!!)

Anyway...that's a tiny update on what we've been doing around the house. We had planned on installing some more shelving in our bedroom closets, but time just got away from us today. Soon, maybe--they've been sitting in our bedroom for a month now, just waiting to be put to use.


  1. Wow, that really does make a difference on the fridge! Funny! It's so nice to get even simple things accomplished. Your basement is coming along, too! It looks alot better than the last picture you posted right after you moved in! HA HA!

  2. The fridge looks so much better! It's funny but that makes such a difference! Like Stacey said the basement looks a whole lot better! :) How are all the other rooms coming? Can't wait to see some pictures too!!!!! :)


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