Sunday, August 13, 2006

Off to the Beach...Again

It seems like we are always going to or coming home from the beach. I know that sounds like such a rough life, right?

Tonight after church I'm taking Natalie, Terri, and Kara Franklin down to the beach. We're meeting up with the Benickis and McDowells. They go every year to the same place for beach week. Maybe you remember our trip last year.

Well, anyway, this year it has not worked out so that Scott could go. I was so excited to go until I found out that he wasn't going. We had already committed to taking Kara down and so I didn't feel as though I could gracefully back out. Believe or not, I actually would rather stay home this time than go to the beach for a couple days. I can't say exactly why, but ever since getting back from my whirlwind trip across the nation, I haven't been too keen on traveling overnight. I like my new house and would like very much to stay put for a while yet.

I am looking forward to spending some time with Jackie and Debbie--they ALWAYS brighten my day and make me laugh, but it's the getting there, living out of a suitcase, being a single mom, and getting home that I'm not at all looking forward to. The last time I went to the beach I got a horrible migraine. I don't want any repeats of that. I know this trip will be fun, and I know that in the end I will be glad that I went, but I'm really not feeling it yet.

Seriously though, I have waited all my life to be a beach bum. I knew I had it in me, but living in Wisconsin doesn't really cultivate the beach bum gifting inside a person. I have only lived here for 15 months. Is it possible to loose all sense of where I came from in that short amount of time? To forget the long summers with a sprinkler as my only watery activity? Has it really been so easy to forget? Have I become so accustomed to living here, that I take a trip to the beach for granted? Am I so warped as to think I might prefer staying in my townhouse than burying my toes in the sand? Have I become desensitized to the gloriousness of the beach?

What horrors am I speaking!!! The beach is nothing to be trifled with. It holds the sound of God's heartbeat upon this earth. There you can feel the breath of God blowing through the air. You come face to face with the rhythm of this world. The tides keeping in time to the moon above. How could anything compare? How dare I prefer my cozy townhouse to the greatest creation God has given to us? I must be crazy!


  1. Your too funny! You will have a wonderful time at the beach! If I lived near the ocean, I think I could forget the summers of Wisconsin too. Don't feel too bad. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

  2. Hey Girl, I understand what you are saying. When we lived by the beach it became more of a hassle to go than a joy, and that was before kids! We should have been living it up, but instead, we hardly went! Go figure!


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