Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why mess with a good thing?

My man's been gone for a few days. When he leaves I have a tendancy to find a great outfit and wear it till it can stand on it's own. The past few days have been no different.

Buuuut with the desire to "keep it real" and show you how I roll on this blog, I thought I'd document this outfit that can now stand on it's own.


(Compelling content here, huh?)

Cute, right? That's the sweater my man bought me last week. What I put under that sweater has changed throughout the week but the sweater has stayed the same almoat everyday. (There was that one day when I threw all caution to the wind and wore a sweatshirt.)

The jeans are none other than the most awesomest pair of jeans Gap has ever sold! Ever! And they were a bit of a splurge but oh! so worth it!

The tank needed a close up because it's too cute for a wide angle. It's from that little Miley Cyrus girl who somehow got herself a clothing line at the Walmarts. You know the one who's dad had a wicked mullet and sang about his achey breaky heart back in the day. I think she may have a tv show too, but I'm not up to snuff on the tweeners shows.

Annnnyyyywwaaaaayyyy...huge steal for $3. And as The Music Man would say, "it has a tasteful use of sequins."

A close up of my hair because let's face it...doing that requires a fair amount of flexibility and I thought you'd like to know that I'm flexible.

Cute shoes, no?

Because I'm a dork.

Because I'm weird.

And because you're still reading this silly post.

Now for a close up confession...see this?

That little bunch of hair is being rebellious today. It refuses to stay in the braid where it belongs. But see what happens when I don't hold the end of the pony tail up? It goes away.

No one would ever know I have rebellious hair as long as I don't go around holding my braid up in the air.

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