Wednesday, April 14, 2010

International Media Missions

So you know we're headed to Spain on a missions trip, but this isn't any ordinary missions trip. As far as we know, there won't be any street ministry or orphanage visiting.  In fact, we may not even speak at a church or share our testimonies!  Instead, we will be working with some amazing people from an organization by the name of International Media Missions.

Simply put they combine media with missions.  More specifically they produce and distribute media throughout the world for other ministries, missionaries, and national churches. It's really a cutting edge organization.  Here's a bit about them from their website...

Through programming, media development, engineering, and media training, IMM is enabling people to influence their own countries for Christ.
Our Mission
: To establish a global witness of Jesus Christ through media by Training, Empowering, Assisting, and Motivating missionaries, national churches, and lay Christians to use media effectively in their culture, language, and nation.
train: Media training for students who are missions conscious
empower: Placing evangelism and discipleship tools in the hands of nations
assist: Partnering in media production and engineering services
motivate: Offering media awareness seminars to open minds, release imagination, and explore new opportunities.

The details of what we will do while we're gone are still being formulated. The Music Man is incredibly gifted in the area of audio production. He'll be putting those gifts to use recording a Bible translation project for the national church of Burkina Faso. I believe that this is the main project he'll be working on. There may be smaller "side" projects as well.

As far as I know, there is nothing specific planned for me while I'm there.  I've heard mention of them possibly needing some help in their offices.  (Hello filing cabinet!!!! Oh please let it involve some sort of organization!  Oh please Oh please!!!) I have long been praying for God to plan some awesome appointments for me in addition to whatever IMM has planned.  

Up tomorrow.... a little story about how this trip came to be.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting International Media Missions. Looks like a great ministry!

    Hey, thought you might want to know - your "follow me on twitter" link leads to someplace besides your twitter page.

    Blessings today!


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