Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's not be hasty.

We are leaving in less that 6 hours and I have most of the packing to do. I would rather do anything other than packing. Just ask my mom. She's usually been the one packing me at the absolute last minute for my whole life.

Take for example the night
before my wedding... After the rehersal dinner I went back to my parents house to finish packing for our honeymoon. I had taken a sleeping pill on the way home, so to say I was doing really good to sit upright is an understatement. While I layed on the bed, my mom packed my suitcases. (Yes I said suitcasES.) I lasted 10 minutes and she was left to finish on her own only she didn't know what all I wanted.

Fast forward to after the wedding and reception: we went back to my parents house to change and pick up my luggage AND SO I COULD FINISH PACKING.

Fast forward to after the honeymoon: I lived out of my honeymoon suitcases for a week before we finally went over to my parents and packed up my room and my life.

So you see. I'm not one to rush into packing.

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  1. haha I just happened to stumble on your blog. Very cute layout!

    I am the EXACT same way. I went to Thailand a few years ago with my boyfriend, and my sister was the one to do my packing. I live out of suitcases for a week after a trip, too. I hear ya.

    Have fun!


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