Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We made it!

And so did all of our luggage!

I honestly don't think that I have ever been on an easier, more uneventful flight in my life! No problems at security.  No turbulence.  A few snotty flight attendants, but nothing major.  It took us 30 seconds to get through customs.  Seriously!

We are settled into our suite here at IMM and I even got us unpacked.  It feels good to be settled.  (I took a great picture of our view from the terrace but for some reason my it's not cooperating with me. So just imagine the spanish countryside in your head and that's about what the picture would look like only better.)

The Music Man is already in the studio.  Big surprise, right! He's like a kid in a candy store. I have to say though, that for this non-techno-gadget girl, even I was impressed by the set-up they have here. IMM has the hook up!  It's good to serve the Most High King! Over the next few days I will take you on a virtual tour of their facilities here.

Tomorrow we start production on the video shoot we came to help with.  I get to man the clapper.  Not that clapper!  This clapper...
...I think...

I feel very important and totally hollywood to do this.  Let's all pray I don't completely screw up and make a total fool of myself.  Not like it would be the first missions trip that I found myself looking like a complete idiot, but I'm now older and let's hope a bit wiser.

On a random sidenote...Google is in Spanish here.  I know you're thinking, of course! You are in Spain, but I was surprised that it automatically updated itself to the local language.  Now I have to google the spanish terms on the google page to find what I'm looking for on the google page.

Wait, what?

I'll be posting as much as I can.  Wi-fi is great here so life is good!


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  1. YEA! So glad you can keep us updated about your trip in "real time." Loved your post. So excited for you both!!!

    P.S. Your new blog background is SUPER cute!


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