Friday, April 09, 2010

The last blast from the past...

As I conclude this week's study on posts of yore, I thought I'd share some of the drafts that didn't make the cut as re-posts of their own. They didn't make the cute because well, they were titles and nothing else. Apparently I thought that the title along would be able to inspire me no matter when I got back to it.

How'd that work out for me, you ask?

Not so well.


Minimal Maintenance - That could literally be about anything. I vaguely remember that the idea was actually really good, but since I wrote myself no notes as to what that idea was....we'll never know if it was good or not.

Did you? - Did I what? I have no idea. Maybe did you vote??? Possibilities are endless.

Google-ite! - Now this one I do remember what I was going to write about but I have since incorporated it into an upcoming, to-be-published, scheduled post (that may or may not ever get posted, beacause, hello! have you been reading the posts this week?).


There were more but I've already deleted them and we are well aware of my memory performance, so let's just leave it at three for today. Mkay!?

BTW...tomorrow's my birthday just in case you were wondering!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute posts this week!

    And a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to you my dear!

    (I already knew it was tomorrow... so I should get like bonus points for that, right?)


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