Thursday, April 15, 2010

And this is where I planned to give you all the little details...

about how this trip to Spain came about as I remember them...

Instead I found a journal entry from December 31, 2009 that I wrote about our upcoming trip to Spain, the last minute whirlwind of my man going to Africa, and other trips we had a feeling were coming our way this year.  (Those other trips are already in the making! Can you even believe it?!)

I think it still sums up perfectly how I feel as I prepare the final details for our trip next week.  I still feel like I'm a total misfit, but as always, I am willing to go wherever He wants and do whatever He wants.  I'll be honest and tell you that a part of me is scared to death, another part is a bundle of nerves, and another part is just plain excited.

LORD, what do you have for us in 2010?!?!  Certainly more that we have ever thought or even imagined!  I am beyond blown away at your great love and faithfulness to us.  Don’t you know how screwed up we are?!  We’re a collection of misfits.  Surely there are others who have it together, but yet here You are sending us.  We have always said that we will go where You lead.  We will do what You ask of us.  Never looking to our own gain, but trading it all in for a lifetime spent in Your care.

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