Wednesday, April 07, 2010

From My DVR

Originally scheduled for posting on September 28, 2008...


I love my DVR.  There is no greater invention than the DVR.*  I have decided that there is no reason why I shouldn't live out the remainder of my days watching recorded television.  It has given my family freedom like we have not know a part from life with Jesus!  No longer are ruled by tv.  Your favorite shows on at 8, but your meeting goes till 815?  No worries!  It'll be on The List.  The kids won't go to bed and it's causing you to miss The Office season premiere?  Fuhgettaboutit!  It's on The List!  You want to see the re-runs of The Real Housewives of the OC, but The Rachel Zoe Project is on at the same time?  The List will have them both!  What entertaining bliss this little device offers!

I don't watch live television any more, unless it's the morning news.  I can't do it, I tell you.  The commercials are enough to send anyone to the looney bin.  They're so obnoxious!  And don't even get me started on shows like The Biggest Loser!  I love it, but I hate, HATE, THE GAME.  If you watch this show, you know just what I mean.  So a two-hour show of nothing but DRAMA, only takes about 35 minutes of my time.  I just fast forward through all the commercials and pointless interviews about who said what about so-and-so.  Beautiful.  

I thought that perhaps I would take post about the different shows I watch from time to time.  The other night my post was written while I was watching Project Runway from the week before.  (That post is the one below this piece of golden blogging.)

Today, we're going to discuss my new love, The Rachel Zoe Project.  Ahhh...cheesy reality shows about quasi-famous people and their drama-filled, ratings-choreographed daily lives.  Waste of valuable time or useful tool for greater appreciation of my own beautiful life void of drama?

Anyway, back to Rachel Zoe (Zoh, not Zo-ey).... Isn't she pretty?  She's fashion.  She's blonde.  She's bi-coastal.  She's just plain fun to watch!

For those of you who are thinking, "Huh?  Who is Rachel Zoe?"  This is what Bravo has to say...
The Rachel Zoe Project is a docu-drama that follows celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her trusted inner circle -- husband Rodger and fashion team, Taylor and Brad -- as they endeavor to take Zoe's business to the next level. In the series, the perfectly styled, go-to force among "it" starlets, fashion houses, beauty firms, and magazine editors will give viewers a fly on the wall look at how she juggles constant deadlines, fashion shows, and celebrity clients. 

This last week the team was in NYC for fashion week and Brad and Taylor 

*Ok, so maybe there are inventions greater than the DVR.  The wheel--that was a pretty good one.  Sliced bread--that was another smart idea.  Oh and that whole electricity thing worked out ok, too.


As you can see I never got past gushing about Rachel Zoe.  Rightfully so!  She's worth an entire post!  Someday I will do a post about what's on my dvr because I think it would cathartic to let the world know about all my tv watching habits.

You're on pins and needles waiting for that post aren't you!?

Give me a few years and I'll get right on that!

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  1. Can I get a WITNESS! A-MEN, Sista! I have no idea what we did without our DVR. Case in point...the last season of LOST. There are sooooooo many questions being answered. You mean to tell me that they expect you to sit through an entire commercial break when they're on the cusp of revealing something crucial?! Thank goodness I don't have to do that anymore! =)


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