Wednesday, June 06, 2007

UPDATE ::: Young Punks

Thursday, June 07, 2007 Scott told me last night that this is his favorite post yet. He said it made him laugh hard. Coming from my husband... that's a heck of a compliment! I asked him why he didn't post it in a comment and document his feelings for the whole world to see. He just laughed and went back to watching tv. I guess not everyone is cut out for blogging.

I woke up a few minutes ago thinking about young punks. Young Punks, you ask? When I was first married, I got a job working as a bank teller at the East Side branch of Peoples State Bank. I worked there for just over two years before I got pregnant and "retired". While working there I had the opportunity to work with some amazing women, an ever chipper loan officer, and met some very colorful characters. Looking back on it today, I remember it as some of the most fun I've ever had working at a job day in and day out.
Allison was a large part of why I had so much fun. She was another teller who had been working there for about a year before I came. Being a year younger than me, she was as playful as I was and was always up for playing a game. (Hey, banking ain't all it's cracked up to be. Things often got down right boring.) As I type this, so many memories are coming back to me. I have to remember to tell you more stories later...
Back to Allison and young punks. When currency gets old and worn out, we as tellers were supposed to "sell" it to the vault, and the vault would in return sell it to the Federal Reserve where they sort it, send it to Secret Service, where they pulverize and bury it. Bury it? Yes, bury it. They used to burn it, but because of the lead in the ink they now just bury it.
Ok, really now... back to young punks... this old money was often disgusting--well actually all currency is disgusting in my opinion. That's why I try not to use it at all costs! But anyway, this old money was seriously disgusting, often times near falling apart and absolutely filthy (remind me sometime to tell you about the Pink Eye Epedemic), but Allison and I decided to make a game with that old, worn out money. We collected it as it came in and we would even buy it from other tellers just for this game.
We were working in the drive thru at the time. We had already termed young, cocky, barely-old-enough-to-drive, chip-on-their-shoulders, bigger-than-their-britches kids as Young Punks, and that was just what they were--YOUNG PUNKS!
So Allison and I decided that these were the perfect recipients for our old, nasty money. It was our way of sticking it to them for just having to deal with cashing their measly little paychecks from Blockbuster and Gamestop. We began to sneak one or two bills into their wads of cash and slowly became more daring giving them more and more of these old bills, which we were now calling Young Punk Money (YPM).
Allison was the best at handing out this YPM. She didn't care who it was after a while--she gave it to everyone, even little old ladies who were getting their weekly allowance for the casinos. It was so fun to watch her. She was so sweet about it, except to the Young Punks. When dealing with them you had to have an "I don't care" attitude so they wouldn't walk all over you.
But seriously now, I woke up this morning thinking about those Young Punks we gave that old, crappy money to. Hmmm... I wonder where they are today. Do you suppose they are the managers of Blockbuster and Gamestop or are they in med school or even worse yet--working for the Secret Service to hunt down those nasty bank tellers who gave them old, nasty, YPM that should have been pulverized and buried? Wow!!! That's a very scary thought.
Young Punks, I'm sorry for giving you that old, icky money, but hey, you made many of my days so very difficult and handing you that, filthy, disgusting money gave my days a certain amount of joy. So I guess, we should be ok then.
I know you are wondering what ever happened to Allison. Well, she got pregnant about the same time I did and went to work for some Insurance company across town. She delivered an adorable baby boy, Jakob one week before I had Natalie. She and I still keep in touch to this day.
Sometimes, when Natalie is particularly driving me crazy I think back to those times at the bank, and wish, just for a moment, that I was back there passing out YPM again with Allison. :::sigh::: Then I remember why I left--they paid me crap, wanted me to treat the customers with money better than my friend Bob Kucher, and I really did hate it, even with all the fun I had with Allison.
So go out and give a Young Punk some crappy old money today and tell them that it's because of them this money is still in circulation.


  1. so.. now I know what was going on over at the branch. It is no wonder why we had all the problems with the east side branch. Was Arlo or Dan the loan officer....

  2. Hahaha!!! Arlo was the Branch manager by the time I got there as well as loan officer and Dan was the EVER giddy loan officer I was talking about. Fun times! I bet you have a few stories too!

  3. Hahahahaha! That is great. The next time I see some YPM I'm totally going to think of this story!


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