Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Playa and the Baby

I often wake up in the mornings with random thoughts running through my head. You'll remember the morning I awoke to YPM. Well, this morning, for some insane reason, I woke up thinking about that old video that graced millions of inboxes en masse in the mid 90's. You know what one I'm talking about--you all saw it--the Ooga Chaka Baby!

Oh for crying out Loud. You must all think I'm crazy.

I'll never forget the first time I saw that disturbing little babe. It was 1997...

I had just realized that the guy I was "seeing" (and I use that term VERY loosely!!!) was using me as the other woman. (GASP!! I KNOW!! All women scorned as the other woman are screaming for the blood of this Punk, but please for the sake of my story, let's hold off... if only for a moment...) Needless to say, I was furious and completely devastated. (Why I ever let myself get so attached to such a Playa I'll never know. Oh if only I could go back in time--this is the one thing in my life I would change. I would stand up for myself and for my future husband. Ah well, God is good and forgiving. We are both happily married now--to other people, so it's all water under the bridge.)

Anyway... back to the baby. This particular Cassanova had lied to me for the last time and I had just told him as much. I told him that I didn't ever want to talk to him, see him, or hear from him again. You know what, I was completely serious. I wanted nothing to do with him ever again.

I sat at the computer after having this heated conversation in a total daze. I was trying not to cry, because I had also just vowed to never cry over another boy again, but the tears came anyway. My pesky brother came in at that precise moment. At the time, we were still very close. I don't know this for sure, but I like to believe that he knew what had just happened and out of the goodness of his heart came to comfort me.

So in strolls my brother and says, "Melis! You have got to see this!"

"Josh! I'm not in the mood!"

"But Melis, this is going to make you laugh so hard."

"I don't want to laugh."

"Yes you do."

"No! I don't!"

"Ok, but you need to laugh! Sit! You're going to watch this."

And then he played this for me...

I tried so hard not to smile, but I just couldn't help myself. Before I knew it I was laughing, and it wasn't long before I had completely forgotten about the Playa. My tears of devastation over that Punk had turned into tears of bliss over this disturbing little baby.

"Thanks, Josh. I did need that."

"I thought so."

"Love you."

"Love you too. Now where is he so I can go kick his butt?"

Ok, so he didn't say that last part about kicking The Playa's butt, because, well, he was friends with him. But he did make me feel better and I have always remembered how he came in just when I needed to be reminded that laughing solves most problems in this world. He also reminded me not to hate The Playa, hate the Game. I wish I could say that I did just that. Hated the Game, not The Playa, but I didn't. I really hated him--for years I did.

But like I said before, we are both happily married with children and lives we love, so it's all water under the bridge, even if you never admit what happened, you Punk. I know and more importantly God knows....

Ooga chaka... ooga chaka...


  1. HAHAHA! I remember that video! Great memories and some not so great memories! I've had my share too but you know what? I honestly don't think we would appreciate the men God has given us if we didn't go through those things. We wouldn't know how good we really have it! Love ya, Jess

  2. I don't know--my man did a number on a chick once that really screwed her up good. It really ticked me off when I found out about it because of all I had gone through with this Punk. He got her so good that her husband called and begged him to give her "closure" to save his marriage. No joke.

    He is so going to kill me for saying this even though it's in the comment section. Sorry Honey.

  3. Okay, I NEVER understood the fascination with the dancing baby. I still don't get it...

    P.S. Due to all the hurtful drama of the past that was uncovered on here we will be holding an inner healing prayer service at 7pm tonight for all of you. Hahaha!

  4. Oh my dear Prayer Warrior--Thank you from the bottom of this formerly broken heart!

  5. Very Very Funny! ;) I broke those soul ties long ago! :) helped me to get my identity back when I finally had my heart broken by that guy in high school. That was work wasn't it! He had a "thing" with every other woman on the block...and I was so dumb I didn't even know it. It didn't stop there neither! Oh Gosh I was naive. I want to just slap myself! STUPID....STUPID....STUPID! Oh well! I'm over it!

  6. Ugh! The heartbreak we've gone through over some other girl's husband. At least if it had been our real future husbands, it would now be worth it. Hopefully we can break these curses of giving our hearts away off of our daughters. My greatest desire is for Natalie to only ever give her heart to one man and one man only--her husband. I pray for him almost daily, especially lately as I watch her grow into a little girl. Whoever that guy is, is really going to have his hands full, but he will be the happiest man on earth. She's going to be such an amazing woman of God!

  7. What you won't find on U-tube!


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