Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Famous-ish

I've arrived! My picture has been posted on Flickr, by someone other than me. Hahaha!

Thanks Pioneer Woman!


  1. Wow, I feel so honored just to know you! What was it posted on there for?

  2. is a blog I read daily. She's really funny and her life is out of a novel. She has a reader page on flickr to post pictures of her readers. I wasn't going to send my picture in, but then I thought that some day if I did that I would want everyone to submit their pictures.

    It already bugs me to hear that someone reads my blog "all the time," but never comments. For a long time I thought the only people that read my blog were you, Jessica, and Liz. I actually set it up so that every time I post it gets sent directly to Scott just so that he will read it.

    I know my grandma reads it daily and I will excuse her for not posting (I love you Grandma!), but she's my only exception. Everyone else is a bum for never commenting!

    (I even gave your husband a hard time for lurking on my site! He graciously posted a comment the next day. My, you have him trained well! Only took you 7 years. Not bad!)

  3. NICE pic! IT made me laugh! What was that from?

  4. It was taken the last semester I was at school by my girlfriend Nicole. She and I along with two other close friends were goofing around that night taking pictures of each other. It was a fun night. I have more that will make it on the photo of the week later on. Nicole is now a professional photographer. She does absolutely amazing stuff. Her website is below in my list of favorite places. Check her stuff out. It will melt your heart!


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