Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I've decided to start a new thing here in my little cyber-world. Every Monday I will post a must have product of my choosing. It could be anything from a towel to furniture and everywhere in between. It will always be something that can be purchased online... Hello! Is there really any other way to truly shop? (Clothing, shoes, and handbags aside, although don't start thinking that you'll never see any of those things on here! That would really be a shame to limit myself in such a way.) I haven't yet decided on a name for this weekly posting, so if you have any ideas....

Here we go...

You've read my other posts about See Jane Work, this fantastic website for the OCD woman. Seeing as I am slightly OCD about some things (ask the Music Man what the volume level of any stereo system in my presence has to be to keep from sitting in a corner repeating over and over the numbers from Lost... 4 8 15 16 23 42...), my first product plug just had to be from this amazing site!

Price: $15
(I so need this item!!!)

You packed her lunch last night, put her shoes and backpack by the door, and you were just about to get your 2nd grader to school on time for the second day in a row when you realized you might have to call a cab because your car keys had vanished into thin air.
Avoid the frustration of missing keys, lost cell phones and forgotten lists with the sturdy, canvas Doorganizer. Hang it on the front door to keep your keys, sunglasses and shopping list nearly impossible to miss, and hang one on your office door to keep your PDA and mobile phone in easy reach. A strip on the back can hold paperwork, notepads and mail.
They’re also great for keeping kids organized. Hang one from the bedroom door to keep handheld toys, music players and homework right where they can find them.
Measures approximately 12” x 5”
Taken from the See Jane Work description.

And the best part is that it comes in four amazing colors. There's bound to be at least one that will fit nicely with your decor. I think I'll take the red one!



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Your picture of the week is PRICELESS!!! A couple things to comment on: (1) Oh course the rolling of the pants. How cool did we think we were when we did that?!? WOW. (2) Linda looks SOOOO different. (3) And I can't get over how tiny little Josh is. Crazy!!!

  2. I KNOW!!! Isn't it to die for? Josh and Chris would both string me up by my hair for posting that picture. Come to think of it, so would JennyBuckman and Linda. You know, Pastor and PK probably wouldn't like it either. Oh well... They all know how dear they are to me and well, to be honest, seeing all of them like that has a certain amount of security to it, like seeing your childhood blanket. When I think of all the good times I had as a teenager, that is how I picture them. But still, Josh and Chris would kill me. Good thing they don't read my blog or even know it exists!

  3. VERY cute! I need that! I spend countless hours looking for misplaced keys, sunglasses...etc. Also...thic of the week is so funny. Everybody looks almost exactly how I remembered everyone at that time. Was that just around the time I met you or just maybe a few years earlier?

  4. the pic....instead of I miss just a few letters!! :)

  5. How cool! I've seen kid versions of those in Family Fun magazine. It's like a dry erase board and you check off the items you don't want to forget. But your grown up version is very cool!

    P.S. The photo of the week is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  6. I believe that picture was taken shortly after Romines moved to Wausau (1990-1991-ish), so it would have been a few years later that you would have met us, Jess (1994-1995-ish). This is just how I remember them all looking too when I think about those times. Too bad good memories always seem to get tainted with the ugly ones. It makes seeing pictures like this to think it was only ever a dream. Maybe it was... Wouldn't that be nice...


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