Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Steve vs. Joe

So for all you moms (and dads) out there who often find themselves watching the same kids shows over and over and over again, I have a question for you...

Who do you prefer to host Blue's Clues?


Or Joe?

Apparently a while back there was a rumor that Steve was dead. He wasn't. You really can't believe everything you hear. Hello?! Don't you watch Mythbusters marathons every weekend with your husband? You don't? Really? Strange!

This is a debate -- Steve vs. Joe -- that has been raging on the web for years, so while I have been a trend-setter/trail-blazer in many ways, I guess I'm just jumping on the bandwagon with this one.


  1. So I don't have a big opinion on Steve vs. Joe, but I would like to say that we also participate in the weekend Mythbuster marathons fairly often. We both really enjoy the show, along with Dirty Jobs! Makes me thankful for my nice little cushy job I have at home!

  2. I TOTALLY vote for Steve. I tend to lean more to the original person who does something. But even then, I just like Steve better than Joe.

  3. Now you see, I'm relatively new to Blue's Clues (2 years or so). So I came in with Joe. I got used to him. Natalie fell in love with him. So I'm going to have to say Joe. Plus I think he's way cuter that Steve. And I don't really like the name Steve. I like every person I've ever met named Steve. I just don't care for the name itself. Someday I'm going to have to write a post about Steve Pedro. Mmmm... he was a good Steve!

  4. Oh I like Joe so much better! I watch this everyday and when Steve comes on my kids are dissapointed! They like Joe better....I do too, so....I vote for Joe!

  5. 2 for Joe
    1 for Steve
    and 1 for Mythbusters

  6. make that 2 for mythbusters....

  7. Sorry Steve. You and Stacey will be happy together.


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