Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Great Marshmallow War of 2002

Scott and I are soon to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long already! We have been through so much. It still amazes me that I am more in love with him than I was when I married him, in spite of the fact that I actually know him now. Ha!

Anyway, some of our favorite memories of our early years together took place in our first apartment. We lived on 56th Ave in Stettin (a part of Wausau). We had an upstairs corner unit that over looked a horse farm across the street. All of our windows either faced this horse farm or looked out over wooded areas. It was wonderful.

We had so much fun those two years that we lived there! Just last night we were talking and reminiscing about those good times. When I think about it, there are about 4 or 5 memories that always come back first.
  1. The time Scott slapped me across my belly, through my shirt, and left a red handprint that lasted for 5 hours. (No he's not a wife-beater and never was... we were rough-housing in the kitchen--Funny thing about newlyweds.)
  2. The time that a bunch of Scott's friends came over to play Xbox and our heat went crazy. It was like 200 degrees in our tiny apartment and the living room was filled with boys in various states of undress. They were loud, stinky, and demanding--but I loved every minute of it.
  3. The time the storm came into our bedroom and the fan fell out of the window onto Scott and the lightening blinded us and I couldn't stop screaming.... good times.
  4. The time Scott ripped the tv cord out of the wall and put it in the other room in the middle of the night and then we rearranged the pictures on the wall until 4am.
  5. The time I put a marshmallow in Scott's shoe. That's the one I'm going to tell you today...
As you can see from above, Scott and I fought a lot and we played (not that kind of play) a lot the first two years we were married. I am a practical joker at heart, just ask my family and close friends. So before I had a baby and got serious about life, the only person that I could joke on was Scott (until I started working at the Bank and well, a whole new form of play was then discovered. More on that to come later...).

One day I was making rice krispies treats to take for my treat day at the afore mentioned bank when the urge to throw a marshmallow at Scott totally overcame me. Who doesn't feel that when they look at Scott?! But, I opened up a can of worms with that idea. Scott used to be more playful too before he got all dedicated to his job and serious about life, so he whipped it right back at me. Thus started The Great Marshmallow War of 2002. (This may have been when he slapped my belly [#1]).

We proceeded to throw marshmallows at each other for a while. Scott eventually got bored and went back to watching TechTV, which at the time was pretty cool. I wasn't done yet, so I took a marshmallow and put it in his favorite pair of shoes. (I never knew when to stop with him. I have learned over the years.) I figured he would feel it as soon as he put it on in the morning and get a good laugh out of it.

Yeah, he didn't feel it. He walked around the whole day with that silly marshmallow in his shoe! When he got home later that night, he complained about how uncomfortable his shoes were that day and he couldn't figure out why. It took everything that I had in me to keep a straight face. (I had had the best day ever knowing that he was walking around with that marshmallow in his shoes. I kept picturing him at his desk, taking off his shoes to see what was in his shoe and finding the big marshmallow I had left for him.)

But he never took of his shoes until he was home. And when he did, he pulled out his foot and the toes of his socks were covered in this milky, sticky, stinking goo. (Oh my gosh! This was so perfect!) He reached his hand in the shoe (Yes! Yes! Yes!) and felt around. He pulled out his hand and it too was covered in a milky, sticky, stinky goo. (I couldn't have planned this any better!) He was completely bewildered! He just sat there on the bed baffled and asking me what in the world I thought it was. (It was about this time that I realized, that in spite of my pure delight in the turn of events, my dear husband was not that playful and would most likely be furious with me. Uh oh!)

I started to laugh--not really because I thought it was funny anymore, but because I knew he was going to kill me, but I couldn't stop now--this was still too much fun. I said, "You know, Honey, it kind of smells like a marshmallow." It was then, that I watched his handsome face change from that cute baffled expression to denial that his dear new bride would do such a thing to understanding and acceptance to pure revenge. That was my cue to start running! And run I did... all over that little house, screaming the whole way. My dear sweet hubby was indeed furious with me and after my cute bum. (I think the handprint from above could have easily happened at this time too.)

I don't remember how the whole thing was resolved, but every time I make rice krispies treats, Scott check his shoes for any lost marshmallows.

I do believe that I won that war, hands down!

(This morning I told him that I was going to write about "the marshmallow" today. He just looked at me and shook his head. Some wounds take a looooooonnnnnggggg time to heal!)


  1. HEEHEEHEEHEE! Ok I thought that was hilarious and it totally reminded me of that stupid "Instead" that we passed around for months at college. DO you remember that? (That ugly rubber thing that was supposed to be for a women's time of the month)Obviously didn't say of the market too long! It was so gross looking! All I can remember is my whole closet totally bare and this ugly pink rubber thing that hung on a huge piece of tape in my closet that said surprise or something to that effect. It took me a while to find where you hid all my clothes! What ever happened to that!?????

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious! I was laughing and smiling my head off. Great story! And what great memories for you two!!! LOVE IT!

  3. I remember that "instead." The other week we were at Walmart in the feminine products isle. I saw them high on the shelf and freaked out. It was the first time I'd seen them in years. I told Scott what they were for and he had a fit. It really is totally disgusting if you think about it!

  4. That is too funny of a story! Isn't fun to be married?!


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