Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today is a day of sorrow,
For I have lost much.
Today is not yet tomorrow,
Though tomorrow may be as such.

It should have been different,
It should have been the same.
It should have been a lot of things,
None of which are real.

My arms are empty,
My stomach is flat.
My heart is aching,
My mind is reeling.

I have nothing.
No life growing.
No date to look to.
No promise of what I want.

All I have is a song for the One in whom I trust.
I rejoice in His love, for it knows no bounds.
All I have is in Him.
My life, my breath, my love.

My song is one of blind faith.
I have nothing else to give.
I choose to praise His name,
For He has given me a reason to live.

The hardest song to sing is the one in which we bare our soul.
We expose the nakedness of what lies there.
Holding nothing back we are made whole,
In spite of all that we share.

Today is a day of rejoicing,
For I have hope enough to praise.
Today is not yet tomorrow,
Though tomorrow is a new day...

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