Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary My Love!

As you already said, I love you more today than ever! You are the man in all my dreams. Thank you for the beautiful roses. Twenty-four is a perfectly acceptable number for the occasion. Music Man, you are beautiful. I love you always and forever.

(I apologize for not having the actual video on here, but Blogger is not cooperating with me today. Just click on the picture.)
View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 6/22/07


  1. I pray you have a wonderful anniversary! What beautiful wedding pics!

  2. Amber5:57 PM

    Hope you have (had) a super day. Congratulations...I think 6 years is a long time now a days. :-)

  3. Loved the montage. I hope your anniversary was a fun day!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love all the pictures of Natilie's adorable parents! Even more though, I loved our visit last night. We'll have to talk more often. We had WAY too much fun. And Steve said to say thanks! ;)

  5. Kathleen Martin11:37 AM

    Honey, it was a wonderful walk down memory lane as I looked at your wonderful wedding pics. That was an awesome and very important day for Dad and me! Our baby girl was getting married! I cried to see Grandpa and Grandma there to share your important day with you and us. What a blessing you and Scott are to Dad and me! We pray daily for your marriage that you will be greatly blessed each day! And you have our beautiful baby girl, Natalie. What a precious gift you've given to Dad and me!!!!!!!!
    I love you so much!! Happy Anniversary! Mom


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