Friday, May 18, 2007

Soccer Mom

So last Monday I became a typical mom and got a mini van. We've been seriously looking for over two years for something bigger than our two little compacts. A couple times we have even been as close as pen in hand to sign papers and then just walked away. We never felt right about it, and let me tell you, we walked away from some amazing deals. We just knew it wasn't the right time.

When we paid my car off in April, we kinda felt like it might be the time. So we went looking to test the waters. We found lots of stuff we liked. Some we could afford, most we couldn't. :) Nothing really jumped out and said buy me until we drove this Relay around for a weekend. The night before we took it back, we were out for a drive and Scott turned to me and said, "We're going to buy this car, aren't we?" I had to agree. I knew we would too. Over the past two years we have compiled a list of features we wanted on our dream car. God blessed our socks off with this one. We even got stuff we hadn't even thought about.

So by now you are saying what did they get?!?!? We got a BRAND NEW 2006 Saturn Relay. It had never left the lot, but because it was a 2006, they knocked $5500 off the top. Then they continued to drop the price as they added in other insentives and Scott's GMS discount. (That's a GM employee discount we get because his dad works for GM. Nice!) We're now down to one car payment and each month we're saving over $200! It's a really cool feeling.

Now let me tell you about this car. It is fully loaded with all the creature comforts you could want. I didn't take any pictures of all the features, but once you've seen a car dvd player, you've seen them all. So there's a dvd system with wireless headphones, automatic everything. Both doors slide open at the touch of a button, All leather interiors with that wood looking stuff on the dash and doors. Onstar and a phone built into the car. (I press a button, say "dial," say the phone number and I'm talking through the stereo system. How cool is that!?) The stereo can play mp3 cds. I can put about 100 mp3 files onto a disc, insert it into the cd player and it's like I've inserted iTunes to my stereo. (I really don't know how that works--I just listen to the radio or Natalie's Wonder Pets cd.) Heated seats for those cold MD mornings when my tushy is chilly. Shall I keep going?...

I love these bins. They are perfect for an extra blanket and the snow scraper. They're even great for hiding birthday and Christmas presents. :)


  1. I love your van!!! It's just like ours, only ours is a Honda. You will love having the bigger vehicle. We love ours everyday, even though we have no little ones to load in there...only a happy little dog who loves to ride in the van! :)

  2. Wow! So you did get it!!!! I'm so excited for you and it looks amazing!


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