Tuesday, May 01, 2007


April 25, 2007

The Birthday Girl sill sleeping.

Her birthday decorations...

Natalie--still sleepy--and her breakfast cupcakes (muffins).

Because Natalie slept in, Daddy wasn't able to stick around long enough to eat breakfast with us or watch her open her presents. So Mommy, being the stinkin' genious that she is pulled out her computer and got Daddy on iChat. (For some reason the microphone wasn't working, so I just had him on speakerphone.)

The princess backpack she had been begging for! I filled it with lots of little treasures.

After breakfast we painted her new butterfly bank.

We went for a birthday cocoa latte and took some coffee to Daddy. She wasn't interested in getting her picture taken. (Did I mention that she still wasn't feeling well?)

She went to Rainbows for the first OFFICIAL time. These are some of her best friends. Rachel is behind her, Damion, and Larissa. Her BFF Ava hadn't gotten there yet.

I think that it was harder on Scott and I to see her go to Rainbows than for Natalie. I saw him in the hallway just before service and about lost it when I told him that I had just taken our baby to Rainbows and that now I was on my way to give her her offering!!! He almost lost it too.

It was wierd because we're the parents of a baby, not a little girl who goes to Rainbows and has memory verses, which by the way, she is totally uninterested in. Typical pastor's kid.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day. On Tursday night, when she was feeling better, we took her out for her birthday dinner. She wanted to go to Bertucci's for pizza. Mmmm!!!! I'm sure not complaining!!! We haven't finished celebrating just yet though. We'll have birthday cake with my parents when they come.

Happy Birthday, my Baby!!! I wish you many more to come!!!


  1. Ahhhhh. Happy Birthday Natalie! It looks like a fun day (even though she wasn't feeling well).

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! My goodness, how time flies! It seems like you were just showing me the ultrasound photos of "Baby Ball". It looks like she had a fun day! :)


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