Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's a Miracle

My email inbox only has 5 messages in it!!!!!

And those are all just in there waiting to be printed off. It's a good day in the Ball Room.

For about a month now, my inbox has had anywhere from 26-48 emails sitting in it at one time waiting to be responded to. On top of that, each day I receive an additional 15-25 new messages that need some sort of attention before I can DELETE. Those aren't spam, forwards, or junk mail either. Ahhhh!!! It's a wonder I haven't gone email crazy yet.

I've been trying to answer 5-10 a day, but that never happens. I'm doing good if I keep up with two or three. Over the past week though, I have really made it a priority to empty my inbox, mainly because I was beginning to stress about it. I was so tired of seeing "Inbox (14 new messages, 38 messages)." (Now keep in mind, I check my email at least 4 or 5 times a day and there can be that many new messages each time I check it!!! AHHHHH!!!!!)

So I cleaned house tonight! Hallelujah! What a good feeling that is! now if I can just get myself downstairs to print off those last 5 messages and file them away, I'll be doing really good.

Oh and I just checked... I have 147 messages in my TRASH bin since May 9--that's one week. Maybe that's not a lot for some of you, but for someone like me, where ALL of those are personal messages, it's overwhelming!

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