Sunday, May 13, 2007

My First Mother's Day Card

So for those mothers out there who remember the very first time their child brought them a card they had made in Sunday School, I have a story I'm sure you will relate to.

When I went to pick Natalie up from the nursery this morning, her teacher gave me the Mother's Day card that they had made during class. The only thing was that my card was totally blank. Yeah, Natalie wasn't interested in making a Mother's Day card for me. How sweet, huh?

I took it anyway along with the stickers she was supposed to put on the card. I thought we could make it during lunch or something. So while we were waiting for our amazing meals at La Casa Pasta, Natalie and I worked on my card. Here's how it turned out....

To the question, "why is my mom special?" Natalie answed with no promptings from anyone, "ummm, because Jesus loves you." It was precious. She is precious!

So Happy Mother's Day to me afterall.


  1. Yes she is! Very precious! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Awww! How funny she didn't do the card for you! I love that you guys did it together though. That makes it even more special!

  3. Debby Miller8:41 AM

    What I love, Melissa, is that she used absolutely ALL of the stickers, even the leftover part they came from. Heather does that stuff, too. Happy Mom's Day to you, Debby


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