Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk

Yesterday, the girlies spent the entire day in their princess dresses. (Oh how precious they are!!!)

Papa was "supervising" the sidewalk chalk session...

Leith was struggling with her princess shoes all day. They're a tad too big, as is the dress, but she would not go without them.

Later the girlies were out on the deck for bubble session. Natalie wanted to come back inside, but Leith wasn't ready to come back in just yet. I caught this precious picture which pretty much sums up Leith's independent nature.


  1. LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! Natalie and Alethia are gorgeous together! And that little Joshua is adorable!!! I'm going to call you soon. I've been so busy lately but Wednesday night class is done now and once we get our air/furnace replaced, life will settled down. I miss you!!! Love you lots!

  2. Awww... they are so cute! Love the picture with her back against the door!

  3. Terri9:18 PM

    Those have got to be the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. I love them!


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