Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're full of trashy love today!

My boy is obsessed with the trash truck*. For Christmas he asked for a "big trash truck". That's all he wanted. I happened to find a remote controlled trash truck at Marshalls one day. You'd think we gave the boy a truck made of gold the way he loves that thing.

He also LOVES to match. Anything. Everything. "Match, Mommy, match!" He will go to great lengths to match colors, trucks, toys, people, etc. Precious is what it is.

So, imagine his great delight when he heard the trash truck today while on our way to naptime. He probably peed a little in all the excitement of matching his trash truck to the real thing.

The joy was just plain oozing from his pores. Then, imagine the further delight accompanied by squeals of happiness when, not one, but TWO more trash trucks go by, bringing the grand total to four trash trucks. (Three real. One remote controlled.)

Oh, but I'm not done. We continued the trash truck celebrations when climbing into bed he found yet another trash truck. This one being a "baby trash truck" due to it's small size.

Now he's dozing in bed hugging his trash trucks and listening to the sounds of the trash trucks as they finish collecting the trash in our neighborhood.


*I do apologize for the excessive use of the words "trash trucks" in the post. This certainly is an apology I never imagined myself needing to write. But yet, here I am. Such is life with a little boy I guess.

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