Wednesday, January 05, 2011

God must love football.

Much to the dismay of my husband, I am not a football fan or watcher or carer-er. I CAN watch it, but all I see is a bunch of men running around falling on each other. So image my surprise when God chose to speak to me through a football game! (I guess if he can use a donkey, he can use a football game.)

Last night was the Sugar Bowl. The Ohio State was playing Arkansas. I even wore my jersey all day (I promise I didn't leave the house.) in honor of what I think was a big game. I knew it was big for my husband which is really all that matters.

The game went on and on and on. My man kept falling asleep during commercials so I did what any faithful watchman would do...I gave him updates every time they flashed the score.

I was busy on the Twitter and the Facebook when I happened to glance over at the tv. I watched what I think was a receiver of some sort (he RECEIVED the ball) go to catch a pass only to drop it when he took his eyes off the ball to look at the safety barreling down on him. (I know it was a safety because that's what the announcer guy called him. Don't ask me what a safety does although I would venture a guess it doesn't have anything to do with wearing a seatbelt.)

The replay played over and over from every angle to observe this guy reach up to catch a perfect throw, look down at the guy coming in to take him out, that ruining his concentration, and finally dropping (would the word fumbling fit here?) the ball.

As I watched I heard the Lord say to me...If you keep your eyes on the ball and not on your opposition you'll catch the ball.

The guy last night HAD the ball. At the last moment he took his eyes off of it. He lost his focus. It shifted from catching that ball (his sole purpose for being on the field) to the safety headed straight for him- his circumstances. In that millisecond he chose to look away from his purpose and ended up fumbling the ball.

How many times do we lose focus at the last second when we need it most? It happens all the time, right?

The cool thing about the game last night is that it went on. That receiver kept playing. The coach kept coaching. The fans kept cheering. It's the same in life. Life goes on. Our Coach keeps coaching and fans keep cheering. We pick up the ball and we keep going.

Don't let your opposition and circumstances distract you from your purpose at hand. Keep your eyes on the ball. (I can't believe I just said that.) and if you do lose focus, fumble, and fall flat on your face...get up. Dust yourself off and get back in the game!


By the way, The Ohio State went on to beat Arkansas some big number to some somewhat smaller number. (A statistician I am not.) My husband slept through the rest of the game and I just used my first (and probably last) sports illustration.


I suddenly feel the need to watch Facing the Giants, Rudy, Blindside, and a Friday Night Lights marathon.

You're welcome.

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