Monday, January 24, 2011

It's hard getting back in the saddle.

I have alot to say. I think these really great thoughts and say to myself, "Self! You are a genius! What a great topic for a post." Then I proceed to tweet the idea in 140 characters or less because it really is that
good. Unfortunately the need to expound beyond 140 characters dissipates immediately and days, weeks, eventually months go by without blog posts.

I reasoned that no one actually read this blog anyway so who cares. Well, I guess I care. I like to write. I like to make myself laugh. I like to capture these fleeting thoughts and moments for my future self to laugh at. It makes me happy.

When I stated blogging FIVE AND A HALF YEARS AGO all I wrote about was my girl and house life. There were some years in there where I tried to be the next Pioneer Woman with my blog. I tried making money off it. I even tried writing specialized blogs. I did the mommy-tip-giver blog, the book-reviewer blog, the women's ministry blog, etc. Those all drove me nuts. The only thing that I truly loved was when I wrote from my heart with no audience in mind. Those were the therapeutic posts. Those are my favorite posts. Those are the posts I want to get back to writing.

Now if I can just stop tweeting every stinkin' awesome idea that pops in my head. I might actually have some blog posts.

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