Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our Early Christmas

So because we left right after Christmas Eve service for our national Christmas tour of the relatives, we decided to have our Christmas a bit early. If we waited, we wouldn't have had time to enjoy ourselves. We opened presents on Friday morning. Here are some pictures of Natalie opening her gifts. It was so cute because as she'd open them we would say to her, "what is it Natalie?" Sometimes she would guess and be totally right on and other times she would say, "I don't know! Let's find out guys!" She'd say it with such enthusiasm, we could help but laugh!

I couldn't find a cute enough dress for her this year, so she wore her's from last year. Here it is last year...

And here she is this year right before we left for the Christmas Eve Service. The hat and purse are new. The dress is still as adorable as last year, but much shorter. Even the shoes are the same. Can you believe they still fit her?!

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