Monday, January 08, 2007

MK Product of the Week

I'm going to try a new feature here on my blog... the MK Product of the Week. Each week I will spotlight a different product from our extesive line of cosmetic products. If you would like to know more about the products or just want to share your love of it, leave a comment or email me. I'm sure you will find that you love these amazing products as much as I do.

I'll begin this great new feature with our brand spankin' new TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Contouring System. I have been using it for a little bit now an am so excited by my results! Here's a little more about it.

Women are spending significant amounts of money to fight visible cellulite. And many women don’t want or need the extreme measure of surgery. They are looking for an at-home anti-cellulite system proven to work — and I can deliver it with clinical results that show a reduction of up to 1⁄ 2 inch on each thigh.*

The TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Contouring System is for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of visible cellulite on her body and hydrate her skin at the same time. The system’s powerful mix of ingredients, including botanicals, helps level out lumps and bumps and leaves skin feeling perfectly hydrated all day long. And there’s no need for any heavy-duty rubbing — just gently massage into skin as you would a body lotion. Extensive testing in our Mary Kay Skin Care Laboratories found that the innovative ingredients:

• Reduce the amount of cellulite-causing cells.

• Stimulate cellular activity.

• Strengthen the skin’s support system so cells are less able to break through and cause dimpling on the surface.

Plus, the TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Contouring System is formulated to improve microcirculation.

The TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Contouring System works day and night to fight cellulite with an advanced, multitargeted approach. TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Daytime Body Moisturizer is a supercharged formula that stimulates cellular activity, significantly increases the skin’s hydration level and begins the firming and toning process. TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Nighttime Body Gel completes the firming and toning process, strengthening the skin’s support system in problem areas so the visible signs of cellulite are minimized. It also moisturizes the skin so it feels silky-smooth to the touch. Plus, there’s no need for heavy-duty rubbing with either product — just gently massage into skin as you would a body lotion. In the morning, gently massage TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Daytime Body Moisturizer into skin over entire body, avoiding the face. In the evening, gently massage TimeWise® Cellu-Shape™ Nighttime Body Gel into cellulite-prone areas of the body.

The sooner you start using the daily system, the quicker you’ll see results. In addition to the dramatic benefits seen by dermatologists in clinical testing, in consumer testing, 6 out of 10 women saw skin that was significantly firmer, more toned and smoother in just 3 weeks.

*Those are the powerful results a dermatologist saw in a 12-week clinical study at an independent laboratory.

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