Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Pictures

I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera of the last month.  We haven't been especially busy, but I've been documenting our lives moment by moment.  Sooo... Here are some of the more random shots...

Random Scott and Natalie: 
First golf lesson at Golf Galaxy...
Look at that grip!
Father/Daughter Baking...
Random self shots: 
Ask my husband why this.  He took it, along with one of my ch**t, my b*tt, and my eye. (Sorry... I had to edit per The Music Man.)
I will soon show you all the shots taken this day, but I'm giving you a sneak peak of how incredibly tired I was on this day... (Ugh! Look at those roots!  I'm so ashamed!)
(I'm not mad.  I promise.... Just exhausted!)

Random Closet Shots:
A few of my favorite outfits for the man-child, who is still nameless, I might add.  
This is just too adorable!
I wore this when I was a baby, but I remember it most on a baby doll I had named Mary Lou or was it Amy?
I bought this the day we found out we were having a boy.
Round on the ends and high in the middle... Oh - Hi - Oh.  (Really this isn't on my list of favorites, but I know it's at the top of my husband's, so it made this list of random shots.)
And because we live in Maryland, I just had to have this!
Here are a couple random belly-ish shots:
Cool, right?
I have tried my hardest to NOT wear maternity shirts if at all possible this pregnancy.  They're just too mammoth.  I feel so fat in them rather than pregnant.  This shirt was on the clearance rounder in the Junior's section at Target.  God bless the designers who decided long, full shirts are the latest style!
More to pictures and posts to come soon...


  1. Melis, I love the belly shots - so cute. I can't believe D-Day is so soon. I'm getting freaked out I can only imagine how you feel!

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Babe, her name was Mary Lou. Oh, and by the way, you named her that without much deliberation. What happened since then? Baby Boy is still nameless? :-)
    I know, this is very much more important and deserves much deliberation!!! Happy "nameing" (is there such a word?)
    Love you! Mom


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