Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Life Is Forever Changed

...because of this!

I am so not kidding you either!  We were at the mall to get a few other things and I wanted to get a pair of jean capris and I needed to get some maternity underwear.  (Hey, listen!  There comes a point in ones life when rolling underwear is no longer a funny side effect of a growing belly.  I'm tired of it!)  

Anyway, my Sugar Daddy was paying for my goods when I remembered (finally!!!) to look for a support belt.  I'd been hearing about how one might help eleviate all the lower belly pain I was having, but every time I went shopping, I forgot about it.  So I tried it on and immediately the pain was gone.  It was incredible!  I was so stunned that it kinda, kinda left me speechless.  All I kept saying is, "I cannot believe this!  There's NO pain!"

We had promised Natalie we'd take her to the Disney Store and we were all starving, so we did those things first.  But then I headed right back to Mimi.  I walked in and the lady just grinned.  I slapped that belt on the counter and said, "I am wearing this outta here."  She just laughed.  But I tell you what, I put that sucker on and walked out of the store like a regular person.  No waddling here!  I couldn't believe that I was actually walking semi-normal again.  Once we were home I walked up and down the stairs like I used to.   

I so wish that I would have bought one of these 5 months ago.  Why did no one suggest one of these to me before!?!?!?!

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  1. Melis - I'm convinced that I could have used one of those when I was pregnant for Jub...I'm glad you got one even if it is a bit late - comfort is important when your growing a bun!


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