Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is There An End In Sight?

So for those of you who are sucked into the insane saga that is Lost, I have something for you.  Scott and I came across this the other morning while we were surfing the web.  (I know that sounds strange, but some mornings I join him in surfing the web on his tiny little iphone when we wake up.)

Anyway, I think he was actually late in going to the office because we read through the whole thing and then discussed it at length.  It was very interesting and answered ALOT of our questions.  Is it actually what's going to happen?  Who knows with Lost.  This guy just has too much time on his hands, because seriously, what kind of life to you have to live if you are able to piece all the Lost nonsense together in such a concise way?  

Take a few minutes to read his theory of what's going on on the island, and then come back here and tell me what you think.  Do you agree or do you have your own theory of what's up with this show?

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  1. Okay....this is part one of a two part comment. I missed the last new episode, so I need to watch that before I give my opinion on everything. We are total Lost fanatics!!! We had gone out to dinner with friends the night of the last new Lost and I forgot to set the DVD recorder for it. I realized about halfway through dinner and I was so close to leaving the restaurant, running home to set the recorder, and coming back to be social with everyone. Probably would have been rude so I decided against it. I'll just buy it off iTunes today or tomorrow and catch-up.

    I just briefly looked at the website. I'll have to read it all later. My first comment of two is who has that much time to put all that information together?!? Obviously it is somebody who doesn't have a job or no life whatsoever!

    I'll add my second comment after I've watched the new episode and read the website.

    Miss you and love you!!!


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