Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our First Snow

There is about four and a half inches of snow on my deck railing.  Can you even believe it!?  It's not even Christmas yet.  We never get this much snow before Christmas.  Natalie was very excited.  She asked me if it was Christmas now that it was snowing out.  Ha!  

I too was thrilled.  Growing up and living most of my life in Wisconsin, leaves me with a need to have snow for the holiday season.  These past two Christmases without the white stuff has been tough on me.  But I don't miss the 18-24 inches we always got in March.  Yeah, that's not fun.  

So anyway, The Girl Child kept asking me all day if she could go out and make snow balls.  Since the real accumulation didn't really start until around four, I told her to wait till Daddy got home and then we go out and have a family snow ball fight.  He was home shortly so we bundled up and out we went.  

I took this picture and it reminded me of her first "real" snow experience two years ago.
Why is she always in pink?

Here are her and Daddy ganging up on the innocent photographer.
That is so not fair!  I didn't do anything!  Look at me.  I'm so innocent...

What is that!?  A bump?  Why, yes, I do believe it is.  It's a baby bump!  

And that's the honest truth of where I've really been these last few months.  I've been growing a baby--hopefully a boy baby, but that has yet to be determined.  

Here's a better picture...
So I am 16 weeks. Due date is May 17.  In two weeks I have my ultrasound and the whole boy vs. girl mystery will be solved.  

I'm sorry if this is the first that you're hearing of this, but with everything that I've been through this last year, I really wanted to wait to hear the heart beat before we told anyone.  When we did--back in October--we told our families and Scott told the church.  I only told a few people (Scott was shouting it from the rooftops.).  By that time I was so out of the blogosphere habit that I didn't really even think to post about it.  

So I'm sorry if you feel left out.  That was never my intention.  Some of my very best friends had to find out through the grapevines of church gossip.  YIKES!!  Talk about feeling guilty!

Anyway, now that everyone knows, I will be sure to fill you in on everything so far and keep you posted as things progress.  So there you go...

Baby #2... on it's way...



  1. YEA!!!!! The cat is officially out of the bag! It's good to have you back!

  2. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! That is exactly what I was thinking it was...and I've missed the blogs! Congratulations! I'm praying for your boy!

  3. How wonderful!! Here I was all excited that you guys got to enjoy the snow (because the boys love playing in it) and you're going to be having a new baby. Now that's exciting. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting.


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