Monday, November 19, 2007

Sorry Dad...

I just had to...
Ok, so my dad works from a home office, which is a dream come true for him.  You see the phone there next to the puzzle? Well, that's a work conference call with his boss and about a dozen of his co-workers.  Because he works from home, he spent his time on the conference call working on a puzzle while all the other guys were in their cubicles attentively listening. 

Hahahaha!!!  My dad is seriously the funniest guy in the world.  He never ceases to make my sides split.  

I was talking to my mom on the phone when he was doing this and when she told me what was going on I told her to take his picture so I could post it here.  Oh my goodness!  We laughed so hard!!!  I have lots of funny work-at-home stories of my dad.  They usually involve him working in his Umbros after mowing the lawn or writing reports while watching tv, but this one tops them all.  

When my mom was taking the picture my dad asked her if she was going to blackmail him with it.  Dad, this isn't blackmail at all, but I just had to share your funny antics with all my friends and if I told them the story without the proof of a picture they probably wouldn't have believed me. I promise I won't send it to Dante!


  1. And they say that men are not good at multi-tasking. Ha!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I couldn't do a puzzle and listen to a conference call at the same time!


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