Monday, March 29, 2010

Because being a stinkin' genius runs in the family.

On Saturday we were at the mall.  Remember? Anyway...I failed to mention in that other post that the other reason we were at the mall was to go to Story Time at Barnes and Noble. My girl loves it and the boy will someday too.  After story time was over and I had read 78293983472198 books to the girl I sent her along with the boys to the Apple Store so I could leisurely browse the school books.  Thrills this homeschool mom's heart and makes me gleefully dizzy!

I'm always looking for fun stuff to add to our curriculum and right now I'm in the process of looking for fun things to do this summer.  (Yes, we will be having a summer school session here at The Ball Room Academy.) When I find things I think I might like or just want to spend more time looking at I take a picture of it with my phone and load it into my handy dandy little app.  (The BEST app ever designed for this amazon addict!!!) Then I can look at it later and, more than likely, get it a heck of a lot cheaper than at the mall.

So, like I said, I'm looking for fun books for the summer that will reinforce what she has already learned and expand on them just a bit without getting into the stuff she'll study next year.  I found a few really great books.  Actually I found a TON of stuff, but I don't have the patience to link to it all.  So let's look at the highlight reel, mkay? Good.

She loves the word problems in her Math-U-See book, so I thought this might be a fun book to work through.

And this looks like a great compliment to the reading and phonics work that she's been working on already.

This one might just be an all-in-one book for everything.

This looks like it would be a great little exercise for each day.

So have you noticed a theme here at all?  Say, perhaps the grade level of all these books? They're all a 1st grade level.  My girl is currently in Kindergarten so I guess it wouldn't seem all that remarkable for her to use 1st grade books this summer since, after all, she will be in 1st grade this fall...technically 1st grade because here's the thing... I'm looking for these books to reinforce everything she's already learned and expand upon those things.  She can already do all of the work in these books.  She's been at a 1st grade level since before Christmas.  

How is that possible? you ask. Well, other than the fact that being a stinkin' genius runs in our family, homeschooling affords us the opportunity to learn at our own pace.  When she's grasped a concept we don't have 25 other students to wait on before moving to the next lesson.  She gets undivided one-on-one lessons geared specifically for her learning styles. We can do twice as much work in half the time.  

That, my friends, is the beauty of homeschool. It's may not be for everyone but for it is us.  


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    That is really really cool.

    We home schooled our daughter, who is now 18 and getting ready to head off to college. She'll be in the honors program at Liberty University.

    Props to you for going for it...the downside of course is...

    Now your kids has to be smart for the whole rest of her life! ;)

  2. Pastrami - Congratulations on having your very own stinkin' genius! Way to pass on those genes!

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