Saturday, March 27, 2010


Oh the delight my day has held for me...

We went to the mall.  Ah, the mall.  It's a beautiful thing. (Especially since this is what I grew up with.) We went to window shop. The Music Man and I need a few very specific things for our upcoming trip to Spain, but I don't like to make split second decisions when I want something specific. I can't stand to buy something that I think is the perfect thing and just what I want only to find THE MOST PERFECT thing at the next store or a week later. So this trip to the mall was a scouting expedition, so-to-speak.

We went to Banana Republic, which is by far, hands-down, without a doubt my favorite store. It's always a feast for the fashion senses.  Delights this little heart of mine to no end! While my man tried on a few tshirts, (I've declared this the summer of cool tshirts for him) my girl posed in front of this giant spread of mirrors. In fact, she came to me and said, "Mommy, will you take a beautiful picture of me making a cute post." How can one say no to that?! This is the result:
The tshirts didn't jive with my polo-wearing man, but I'm not giving up on them yet.  He will wear tshirts this summer! We were headed out of the store when I spotted this little beauty in this really funky shade of green...I tried it on for kicks and both the Music man and I loved it.  Now you see, that doesn't often happen when it comes to my clothes.  Either I love it and he doesn't say much or he loves it and I endure wearing it to bless him. That's why the fact that we both loved it is so amazing. He insisted I get it in honor of the seemingly once in a lifetime agreement.  So he bought it for me.

(*Also I found this when I was looking for my sweater to link to. I didn't see this in the store, but I sure wish I would have because it sure is purty! And look at this and this. What about these? Aren't they to die for?! And don't forget this. A feast for the fashion senses, I tell ya!)

As if Banana wasn't enough feasting for one day we went over to Anthropologie! I snapped a couple shots of the most beautiful displays.

So pretty, right? There were so many other things that I wanted to show you but I just am too tired to link it all up. Plus my internet is beyond ssssslllllllooooowwww today.  I don't have the patience for it!

Then we went to JCrew. We've tried to like JCrew in the past, but we're not really boat-shoe-wearing, sweater tied around the nexk kind of people and Scott would never consider wearing a pair of shorts with frogs embroidered on them, but I canNOT resist a beautiful window display.  And boy did they have a beautiful window display!

Have you been to JCrew lately? It's totally been over-hauled with cool stuff that I would actually wear! What do you know!? There's this and this. LOVE this! And pretty much everything on this page makes me happy! I saw this little beauty below and snapped a picture thinking I would find it on their website and link up but I can't find it. So you'll have to love it based on this picture. It has Cherry Blossom Festival written all over it! Literally! Hahaha!

 I also saw this table and fell in love...there's too much here to link to everything, because did I happen to mention of slow my internet is right now! It feels like I have dial-up! Ugh! It's so last-century!
I have never, ever in all my life met a table of accessories I didn't love...apparently I have passed that love on to my girl! We could spend forever in the accessories departments of stores and to be able to spend forever in an accessory STORE! Well, that just takes the cake!

Well, I guess that's about all for now.  Our scouting expedition was successful and certainly more costly than planned, but oh! so worth it!!! Can't wait to go get the treasures we found today.  And who knows, by then, I bet it'll all be on sale and marked way down. Score!

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