Thursday, October 02, 2008

Random Things That Make Me Happy

I was inspired by the awesome BooMama to make a list. Oooo... a LIST! I love me a good list!

1. Making LISTS. HELLO??? Did you just read the above sentence?
2. My fat baby
3. My Girl
4. hearing my children laugh
5. laughing with friends who really get me (If you understand how funny it is to go to a "board" mtg, you're a friend who gets me!)
6. clean sheets
7. going shopping alone
8. coming home ... from anything
9. great music that makes me wanna dance
10. The Office
11. friends who have known me forever and love me anyway
12. a tidy house
13. Bertuccis
14. Bravo reality shows
15. Beth Moore
16. decaf hazelnut skinny latte
17. Library books
18. preschool days
19. Dr Pepper
20. haircut and highlights
21. Blogging-Reading, Writing, Creating, etc., etc.
22. a bra that fits--lifts, tucks, and perks up the girls
23. Facebook
24. My DVR
25. The Music Man


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