Monday, October 06, 2008

Stories From the Archives

We're heading out of town for a couple days. I thought that while I was gone I would post a few of my very early posts. This old gem was originally posted on October 5 of 2005, just missed the three-year mark.  So here you go...

So last night we were at the mall and Scott decided he was sick of his long hair. (I personally like his hair longer.) So we went to Penny's and Scott asked how long the wait was. The lady said it would be about 5 minutes. So I headed off to Williams-Sonoma (a virtual heaven on earth as far as I am concerned!). I was standing at the checkout just getting ready to pay and Scott called. He didn't say anything, all I heard was background noise. Finally he says, "Oh my gosh, I think I just did a really bad thing! Oh my gosh!" He met up with me a few minutes later and was breathless. So I finished paying and as we were walking out he began to tell me what happened.

It went something like this...

Scott was sitting there waiting his turn for a haircut and saw a "guy" came out from the back salon. He went behind the counter and talked with the receptionist. "He" was dressed from head to toe as a women. He had a skin tight v-neck sweater and a short skirt on. His hair was fashioned in a short bob. He carried himself very femininely in spite of his five-o-clock shadow. Sooo...Scott, being the discerning person that he is, knew the moment he saw this "guy" that he would be the one to cut his hair. Without thinking he stood up and took off. As he walked away, the guy called out "Scott?" "Scott Ball?" But Scott Ball was all ready halfway out the door of Penny's and wasn't looking back. That was when he called me.

The way a person dresses and carries themselves says alot about who they are (or at least who they want people to think they are). Scott felt horrible and relieved at the same time. He was ashamed that he just walked out on the guy, but relieved that he didn't get his hair cut by him either. I couldn't believe it! How could you do that? How could you be so judgmental and prejudice? But then he asked me what I would have done if it had been me waiting for a haircut. Whoa...That's a good question! I honestly don't know what I would have done. I don't think that I would have had the quick reflexes or courage to just walk away like Scott did, but yet, I would have had a hard time letting the guy cut my hair too.

Pastor Alan has been speaking from the 23rd Psalm lately and just last week spoke on leaving behind goodness and mercy wherever you go. So I asked him, "did you leave behind goodness and mercy?" It's a hard call. The guy never met Scott. He didn't know if Scott had to leave for an emergency or maybe just didn't hear him call his name. But it doesn't really matter what the guy thought. Isn't it a heart matter for the believer?

So I ask you, what would you have done? Was Scott totally out of line? Did he leave behind goodness and mercy?

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