Friday, May 26, 2006

Terri's Choir Concert

Last night we went to Terri's choir concert. Terri Lowe is our adopted daughter and Natalie's best friend. We were so proud of her and I was the typical "mom" and took lots of pictures. As you all know, it's really hard to take nice pictures at concerts because you always seem to get the bald guy's head in your shots. Well, my pictures are typical concert pictures, but at least you can see Terri pretty good. She is the second one in from the end in the second row. Isn't she pretty?

Also, I just had to show you this...
On Sunday Natalie wanted to wear her "round and round dress." Any dress that flares when she spins is called a "round and round dress." This is her favorite one. It's her Easter dress. Anyway, on Sunday while I was getting ready I heard her playing with her baby. When I looked out the bathroom door to see what she was doing this is what I saw.

I was instantly reminded of something I had seen once before when I saw her so I ran to get the camera before she moved. The way she was sitting, the way her dress poofed around her, the way her hair was piled on top of her head... This is what she reminded me of...

The sight was so precious to me. Like Mary, i treasured it deeply in my heart.

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  1. Terri4:53 PM

    ooh pretty...all 3 of us!


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