Friday, May 19, 2006

My Wall Sconces Are Here!!

Ok, so I won these Pottery Barn sconces on ebay the other day, but wasn't totally sure that I LOVED them. I really liked them, but was kinda afraid they'd be chinsy looking. I don't know why I bid on them originally. They were a good price and I just kept bidding. (You see, my problem is that I hate being out bid even if I'm not that into what I'm bidding on. So even something like these sconces that I wasn't totally sure about, I will coninue to bid if I get out bid. It is really hard for me to walk away. That's why my husband has previously banned me from ebay. I'm the least competetive person you'll meet, so this is so strange that I behave like this. Ebay brings out the competetive spirit in me!) Anyway, they came today and I LOVE them. I am not sure exactly where they will end up, but it'll be in one of the bathrooms.
Here are the pictures of them from ebay.

They are wrought iron and the leaves are green glass. They are 33" long and have 3 votive holders each. NWT--New With Tags--gotta love that!

Also earlier today we met our realtor at our new house to check out the repairs that were to be done since the inspection. There were three major issues we wanted addressed, on of them being a deal breaker if it wasn't fixed. 1. The door from the master bedroom into the bathroom was missing, 2. Smoke detectors weren't working, and 3. The deal breaker--a crack in the foundation at the front of the house. 1. The door was replaced, but was missing the middle hinge--not just the pin mind you, but the entire hinge. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if the other things had been fixed properly, but 2. the smoke detectors hadn't been touched and 3. the crack had barely been touched. When we pulled up we noticed immediately that the exterior crack hadn't been touched. There was to be some re-grading done to the front flower beds to correct the water drainage problem that caused the crack originally. That was totally untouched, and when we went downstairs, water was dripping from the crack and running down the wall. (It rained all last night.) It had been sort of patched up and the insulation had been replaced, but was only duct taped up. We had specifically asked that a licensed contractor do the repairs. It was obvious that a weekend warrior had done them instead. Our realtor got on the phone with the sellers' realtor and put down his foot. It was so fun listening to him. He was all over him, which you'd never guess Phil to do if you ever met him. He's so soft spoken. We gave the sellers one more chance to fix everything properly. If they don't we're asking that they give us the money at closing to have it done right, or we walk! YIKES!!! Hopefully that will get a fire going under their behinds and get them to act! I wish I had some pictures of it, but I don't.

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  1. Love the sconces! I actually was looking at those for my bedroom becaue of the leafy feel I want in the bedroom! That is funny! We have similar taste! I've spent my limit though so things in the bedroom for now have to wait. It's funny though because God allowed for us to pay cash for everything and not on credit! So we will wait till next year taxes. Anyway...I will pray for the house and that everything gets fixed properly! Let me know! Jess


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