Friday, May 12, 2006

Natalie's Birthday Celebrations

Natalie turned 2 on April 25. We had a couple of different parties for her. Here are some pictures from them all.

This was the first party on April 23. It was at Tim and Suzie Pope's house. We were all there for home fellowships anyway so I brought a cake and we had an impromptu party.

These pictures were taken on her birthday. Scott and I got her a bunch of Veggie Tales stuff and a Tryke! She loved it. Later that evening, Chris and Terri stoped by with a piano for Natalie. She quickly forgot the tryke.

My parents came into town late afternoon on Natalie's b-day. The next day we carried on a birthday tradition we started last year. A birthday donut!

(As we took pictures, we kept telling Natalie to say cheese and this is what she looked like saying, "CHEESE!")

When we were in Ohio last week, we had yet another party for her. Here are some great pics from it.

Scott and his Aunt Debbie.

Scott and Paw.

Scott and Maw.

Scott's best friend, Chad and his girlfriend Bria.

Scott and his dad.

Natalie loves to clean (thank you Jesus!!!) and this was the ultimate present! She vaccumed the grass, the driveway, and everything else she could!

Some kids get ponies at their birthday parties, but only the really special kids get to take birthday rides on a lawn mower!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Natalie! AWWW! SHe is so sweet!

  2. Too cute! I loved all of the parties and the birthday mower ride!!!


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