Monday, May 22, 2006

Instant Home Equity

Last week we had an appraisal done on our new house. It came back $5000 above what we paid for the place. We instantly made $5000. We were pretty excited by that because we plan on finishing the basement and doing a few other changes that will further increase the home's value. We still haven't heard back about the status of the repairs to the foundation, but I am confident that all will be taken care of in time. Eight days till we close and are officially homeowners!

Until then, I'm off to clean this place. I should probably start packing at some point. Anyone want to come pack for me? I'll give you $10 to do it all.


  1. I'd do it for $10 and hour! Ha! I don't envy you in that packing! I hated it!!Anyway, it got done. I'll pray for you....and that you keep your sanity too! :)

  2. How exciting for you guys! That same thing happened to us when we purched our home. It was appraised $3000 more than we paid. Definitely a good thing! Packing is the worst part of the move but unpacking is a blast! You get to decorate the home you now own just the way you want it. Fun!!!

  3. terri8:52 PM

    Alright Alright...I guess I would come pack for 10$ but only because I love you guys!!

  4. How about $10.00 worth of food....I'll provide your dinner while you pack!!


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