Saturday, April 22, 2006

We Bought a House!!!

Well, at least our offer was accepted. Here are some pictures of our new townhouse.


  1. YEEEAAAA!!! I am SO excited for you guys!! I've been wanting to reply to your email, but I CAN'T! I'll have to email you on Sunday! Congrats! That makes all three of us homeowners - WOW!

  2. YAYAY! You know what, I thought I saw hardwood floors in the other pics! I guess that was just really nice vacuummed carpet...or is it hardwood? Anyway, the basement and kitchen are awesome!!!! Nice big tub too! I am so happy for you!

  3. Hi Melis! Yep....your long lost friend Elizabeth. It's been forever since we've talked and I miss you lots. I've been keeping up to date with you guys through your blog and have enjoyed hearing your news. That little Natalie (not so little anymore) is far too cute! I'd love to visit with you and catch up. Also....I started a blog. People kept bugging me to do one as it's the hot new thing so I broke down and started's Hope to talk to you soon!!!

  4. terri6:54 PM

    That is a really big bathroom and i didnt think those ceilings were THAT high..Well Im Excited cause your going to live like 5 minutes away from me!!


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