Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Natalie's Odds and Ends

Here are some pictures taken over the course of the last month or so. Thought you might enjoy them...

Butter Anyone? I caught natalie eating fistfulls of butter straight from the butter dish the other day. She kept saying, "Nummy buh-er Mommy!"

All Dressed Up... Doesn't she look like Pollyana? That's what Scott said anyway.

Big Girl Bed? This was the first attempt at sleeping in her big girl bed. As you can see, the first attempt didn't quite make it. She is getting better.

Two weeks ago we were playing at the park and she insisted on swinging on the big swings. She did really well until she pointed to a passing car and fell flat on her face. This is the boo-boo she got on her chin from eating mulch. She didn't cry at all, just got up , brushed herself off, and tried to climb back on the swing. Mommy thought it would be better to go inside and clean out the scraps.

Playing Dress Up... This is Natalie's "Round and Round" dress. She calls it that because when she wears it she likes to spin in circles and watch the skirt flare out. On this day she found a pair of my shoes and decided to make it an outfit. Something on the TV must have caught her eye. She stood there intently watching it until I finally just turned it off.


  1. Natalie is just getting so big! She is so beautiful! Don't little girls just steal your heart! I know mine does!

  2. What a precious little !


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