Sunday, February 01, 2009

Some would say they can't live without air...

A couple of random things before we get to my post...

1.  My son refuses to crawl. 
2. He refuses to sleep through the night.
3. I'm glad football season is over.

Ok, now that I've got that off my chest we can get on to the good stuff...

I use certain things on a daily basis that I don't think I could ever live without.  Well, I probably could, but I don't ever want to try!  I got to thinking, though, that no one should have to live without these things either.  But, then I thought, what if you don't know what you're missing....

Soooo... I am going to share a few of the things I don't want to live another day without.  Let's start with the first and most important, mm kay?

Here we go... Are you ready for it???...

I will not, I repeat, I WILL NOT live my life without this lip balm.  I bought myself some as an indulgence while still preggers with the boy.  I fell in love at first swipe and will never go without it for as long as live.  

It may be more dinero than your average Lip Smackers, but oh my heavens!!! It is worth ev-er-y penny!  I promise.  

I buy mine in bulk.  No joke.  I have one in every jacket pocket. One on my dresser, on the table next to the door, in the bathroom, in my desk door, in the drawer of my kitchen island, purse, car etc., etc.  You get the picture.  I don't like to be without it.  

I've given it away in countless gifts.  It doesn't matter what the occasion.  This lip balm is perfect for any gift!!!  

All this talk of lip balm has made my lips chapped.  

I'm going to go slather them in goodness.  

And I'm going to order another case.  

Would you like a stick?


  1. YES! I can't live without lip gloss...lip balm! Where do you get it?

  2. If you click on the link below the picture it will take you to the Earth Mama website. If you're just ordering the lip balm you have to call them to place the order. Something about the online shopping basket charge too much for just the lip balms or something.

  3. I want you to give me one to try, that's the baby step. Then as I'm sure I'll be hooked, I'll order in bulk for myself. Deal!?


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