Monday, February 02, 2009

My Superbowl... of SHOPPING!!!

So as you know...last night was the Superbowl! My husband enjoyed it. I was bored by minute 2 of the first quarter, so I looked to Facebook to entertain me, but instead it yelled at me and blocked me from using friend chat. It said I was being abusive of the feature and if I continued to try to use it while being blocked, my account would be suspended and deleted. Nice. Thank you Facebook. I'm no longer such a big fan of yours!

What's a girl to do without Facebook to entertain her? Go shopping? Yes! That's exactly what I did! I thought I would bring you along as I browsed some of my favorite websites. Here we go...

Up first, my friend Ann...

I totally and completely luuuuuve this outfit!

And this one... Oh my! I just plum don't know where to begin. The shirt... The ah-mazing jeans... The shoes and bag! Be still my beating heart!

On to my FAY-VOR-RITE place to shop ever! Banana Republic...

I love these, minus the pleats. Seriously. Pleats no friend of this baby tummy. But they are still so cute and with the extra 30% off all sale items...they're totally cheap!

So moving on to accessories from Sam Moon...

How adorable is this luggage set. Come on, now! Fly me to the moon, Baby!

I think I like these, but I'm not sure just yet... I'd have to see them in an ensemble.

There, these are much better!

When I was 7 my favorite color was canary yellow...After seeing this handbag, I'm thinking this summer may be the summer of canary yellow! I big puffy heart this bag! It just makes me smile!

Ok, enough accessories... Let's go back to more clothes and let's go to my favorite dream shop, Boden. Someday I might be able to afford something, but for now I will just thoroughly enjoy browsing!

These crisp little cookies would remind me of Sandy Gabrielli!

Well hello little sweet pea! You would look great on my hiney!

I can honestly say that I'd like one of each of these and in every color. Size 8 please. Thank you.

I so totally love this dress! Why, oh why does it have to be $138? I've only got two dolla and a piece of pocket lint!


  1. LOVE IT!! I need more websites to browse!!!

  2. I will do my best to continue to post amazing websites as I find them. It will be my mission in life to keep others dressed beautifully!


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