Saturday, February 07, 2009

I finally got my hair done yesterday.  


I feel good.

I twittered the whole process yesterday with pictures and everything.  I realize that there are a few people in this cyber-world who are still living their lives blissfully unaware of the deliciousness that is twitter and facebook.  

Soooo...for you I am re-posting the pictures of the hair-beautification process.

Roots are gone!

Foils are in!

The finished result - the straight edition.

Mama + an afternoon away getting hair done = Much more peaceful household

The (really) curly edition.

So there you have it.  The price tag can sometimes be a bit to swallow depending on circumstances, but I tell you what!  It is worth EVERY penny when I come home feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated!  If a few hours alone every couple months and $100 is all it takes then I think we're doing pretty good!

What do you do to revive your soul???


  1. Like the color & the curls. Cute!

  2. Looks gorgeous!! I love an hour w/o kids at the bookstore. A cup of coffee in hand, millions of books for me scan and no one tugging on me. LOVELY.


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